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Melodie Parker

Online Life Advice

Similar to calling into a health radio show with a question, life advice allows you to ask a mental health or personal question online. Many people are able to cope with the challenges in their lives. They can manage their emotions and their stressors. But sometimes there is one question or topic they would like a professional opinion on. Life advice will address one question/topic without engaging in a therapeutic relationship. You ask the question--you get an answer.

Years ago there were people like Miss Manners who outlined proper behavior in her books, and Dear Abby had a write-in column in popular newspapers. Modern day people have been radio personalities like Dr. Ruth, and presently, Dr. Laura. There are also professionals giving advice on TV like Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, and The Doctors.

So what kind of questions/topics can be addressed?

- Conflict with spouse, family member, or friend

- Difficulty with teenager

- Girlfriend/boyfriend problem

- Stress with boss or at work

- Having trouble accepting change

- Behaving in self-destructive ways

- Sabotaging relationships

- Confused about sexual identity

- Do I need counseling

- Should I consult with a psychiatrist

- Am I addicted

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Anyone experiencing a life-threatening emergency needs to call 911 immediately.
Life advice cannot handle an urgent crisis.
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